Strategy and action plans: Department of Education

The direction, planned outcomes, and strategies we will use deliver the Victorian Government's education and training reforms.

2023-27 Strategic plan

The Strategic Plan 2023–27 outlines the department’s overarching strategy to achieve its new vision of ‘A great education for every child and young person – so they can thrive now, and in the future, for a fairer, smarter, and more prosperous state.'

2022-26 Aboriginal inclusion plan

Dhelk Wukang, the department’s fourth Aboriginal Inclusion Plan, is our commitment to strengthening Aboriginal inclusion, self-determination and cultural safety at all levels within the department, including the Victorian Public Service and Government Teaching Service.

The plan outlines the proactive steps the department is taking to support tangible, positive structural change across our entire workforce – both in school and corporate settings – to ensure every departmental workplace is safe for Aboriginal people.

2022-25 Gender equality action plan

The department's Gender Equality Action Plan for 2022-25 sets out our commitment to promote workplace gender equality, ensuring a gender equitable, safe, inclusive and respectful workplace for all staff in government schools and our corporate workplaces.

2018-21 Disability action plan

The department's Disability Action Plan for 2018-21 outlines our commitment to:

  • the Victorian government’s vision of an inclusive Victoria
  • building diverse and inclusive workplaces
  • developing workplace cultures that are safe and accessible, building respect and embracing the unique skills and qualities of all our employees.

The Plan acknowledges that everyone will experience disability differently, depending on their circumstances, life experiences, and the nature of their needs and abilities. It also recognises that our corporate workforce and our early childhood education, schools, training and skills systems need to be able to respond to these individual needs to support every Victorian to reach their potential.

2019-22 Disability employment plan

The department’s Disability Employment Plan for 2019-22 sets out our commitment to boosting employment opportunities and career experiences for people with disabilities. It includes a range of actions that will set stronger foundations through policy, procedures and processes that will remove barriers and ensure increased inclusion across our workplaces.

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Read more about the inclusive education program: Inclusive education for students with disabilities.

2019-21 Cultural diversity plan

The department’s Cultural Diversity Plan for 2019-21 sets out how we will be working to improve Victoria’s learning and development services to meet the needs of families, children and young people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, particularly recent immigrants. It also includes the work being undertaken to equip all Victorian children and young people to understand and navigate cultural and linguistic differences within an increasingly interconnected world.

The Plan has 22 actions to support and improve access, participation and educational outcomes for the CALD population in early childhood, schools and training and skills settings.

The department is required under the Multicultural Victoria Act 2011 to report annually on the progress of these and other initiatives.

Ministerial Statement of Expectations for regulators

Information on Ministerial Statement of Expectations (SOE) that are available as formal public statements to each regulator outlining the government’s expectations. Our regulators include:

  • Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA)
  • Quality Assessment and Regulation Division (QARD)
  • Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)

Climate change and adaption action plan

The 2022-2026 Climate Change Adaptation Action plan sets out how we intend to address the challenges of climate change.

Statistics on Victorian schools and teaching

Summary statistics on Victorian schools including children, teacher supply and demand, and expulsion data.