eduPass support

Your eduPass account provides secure access to the department's restricted systems, resources and applications.

eduPass system

eduPass is the department's identity and access management (IDAM) platform that provides users with a unique identity.

You will need a registered eduPass account to access our secure applications and systems that are restricted and not open to general public access.

You can use the eduPass system to:

  • register an account to gain access to secure systems and applications
  • reset your password if you forget it
  • change your password or
  • change your secret questions and answers.

eduPass access

An eduPass account can be created for:

  • students attending a Victorian government school
  • casual staff including Casual Relief Teachers (CRTs) working at a Victorian government school, or a student in a non-teaching capacity.
  • school visitors involved with a Victorian government school, school council, or a student in a non-teaching capacity, including volunteers such as:
    • artists
    • scientists
    • university students or lecturers
    • police officers
    • incursion presenters
    • caseworkers or other subject matter experts whose input add value to a learning program or collaborative activity
  • department staff (including staff in schools)
  • community members (including independent schools, catholic schools and non-government organisations)
  • other Victorian government departments who need access to our shared services, such as:
    • eduPay - our public payroll management system
    • information and direction to Global Information Systems (GIS)
    • research, public and government information
    • websites relating to data provisioning.

How to register your eduPass account

User ID and a temporary password

You will receive a 'welcome letter' or 'invitation' (email) that contains your User ID and a temporary password. You need to receive the letter before you can register.

Once you have received the letter, go to the eduPass registration website listed on your letter, then:

  • enter the User ID and temporary password from your letter into the registration screen
  • change your password (to one that complies with the password policy information) and confirm it
  • create your secret questions and answers
  • exit the registration site, and go to the department secure system, application or website you wish to access.

What to do if you lose the welcome letter or invitation before you register

  • Students: tell your teacher or school eduPass IDAM administrator immediately, they will print another welcome letter for you.
  • Casual staff, school visitors and department staff: go to the DET Service Portal to request the letter be resent to you.
  • Community members: if you lose your invitation to an application, you can request another invitation via the eduPass Community Portal.

It doesn’t matter if you lose your letter after you register, as no one else can log on with your old password. However, you should dispose of your welcome letter in a secure manner when you no longer need it.

Tips for logging in for the first time

If you are having difficulties logging in to register, make sure you enter the exact uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers as printed in your welcome letter.

If it still doesn’t work, check you have spelt your User ID and password correctly.

Email account required for eduPass registration

We will need to send messages to an email address to set-up your eduPass account, however we don't endorse or recommend the use of any particular free email service to register your eduPass account.

Please be mindful that free email services will usually have their own terms and conditions of use. We don't accept any responsibility for your use, or inability to use, any free email service and you do so entirely at your own risk.

Registration processing time

Full registration takes about 15 minutes. Once completed it may take up to 24 hours for your access to be granted.

Please note that you need to complete all of the registration steps in one sitting to successfully register your account. If your computer is disconnected or the process is cancelled before the registration process finishies, unfortunately the information you entered won’t be saved. You can cancel the registration at any time, but you’ll need to start from the beginning again.

Registration support

To find the best registration support service for you, go to your user group's support page:

eduPass passwords

Password creation rules

Your eduPass password must:

  • contain at least 7 characters (up to a maximum of 32 characters)
  • contain at least one character from at least three of the four sets below:
    • uppercase letter (A-Z)
    • lowercase letter (a-z)
    • numeral (0-9)
    • special characters and punctuation (for example: !@#$%^&)
  • be different from your last eight passwords
  • not contain student name or User ID

Remember: You must keep a new password one day (24 hours) before changing it.

Password policies

Make sure your password meets the requirements set out on the eduPass Portal screen.

Password expiry

Your temporary password will expire in 30 days, so it is important to register as soon as possible.

Change password

eduPass will require you to change your password:

  • the first time you log in to eduPass with a temporary password - we email you a temporary password when you first register for eduPass
  • if you have forgotten your password - we cannot recover your old password, but if you can answer your secret questions, you can reset your password
  • every 12 months - eduPass will email you telling you when your password is about to expire. Either before or after your password expires, you can reset your password.

To change your password, go to your user group's support page to access eduPass password quick links:

Forgotten password

Once you’ve registered and activated your account, you can manage your own password from the eduPass website.

To reset your password, go to your user group's support page to access eduPass password quick links:

eduPass security

Security questions and PIN

The password security questions and PIN are used to protect personal information about you and other eduPass users, particularly the students in your care. They prevent someone else from accessing your eduPass account pretending to be you.

Follow these basic rules to keep your account and information safe:

  • always log off or lock the computer when you leave it unattended
  • never let anyone else know your password or security questions and answers
  • if you think any of your security details have been compromised, change them immediately
  • make sure no one sees your secret answers, PIN or password entered on a computer.

Forgotten security questions or answers

Ask the eduPass IDAM administrator to reset your password for you. If you aren't sure who this person is, ask your principal or manager. Once your password has been reset, you can change your security questions and answers to something that you will remember.

To change your secret questions and answers, go to your user group's support page to access eduPass password quick links:

eduPass User ID

Forgotten eduPass User ID

To find out how to request a copy of your User ID, go to your user group's support page to access eduPass quick links:

Change your eduPass User ID

You can't change your User ID. Only an eduPass IDAM administrator can change your User ID. This will only be done if your User ID is embarrassing or offensive.

Report password or ID theft

If you have any concerns about the security of your account:

  • students, staff and school members should contact your school eduPass IDAM administrator immediately
  • community members should contact your Organisation Administrator.

If you think someone is logged on as you, then your password, PIN or secret questions might be compromised. Change them immediately.