Kindergarten Inclusion Support and additional assistants

How the KIS program places additional assistants with eligible services.

A kindergarten teacher sits with a large group of kindergarten children outside. The children are all eating lunch.

Through the Kindergarten Inclusion Support Program (KIS), funded kindergarten services receive support to help them respond to the individual needs of children with a disability, developmental delay or complex medical needs.

The KIS program includes disability and complex medical needs programs, which can support funded services through specialist training and consultancy, minor building modifications and additional staffing support.

Placing KIS additional assistants

KIS-funded additional assistants work as part of the service’s team delivering the kindergarten program to all children in the group and share everyday team responsibilities.

For approved KIS applications attracting additional assistant support, the relevant KIS provider will source and place KIS additional assistants in the kindergarten. However, if the KIS provider is unable to place a KIS additional assistant in a reasonable timeframe, kindergarten services can request to use their own assistant by entering into a subcontracting arrangement with the KIS provider.

KIS providers should not refuse any reasonable requests for subcontracting where they cannot supply an additional assistant but will only consider subcontracting in these circumstances.

If you experience difficulties in securing appropriate additional assistant coverage, contact your local Early Childhood Improvement branch.

About Kindergarten Inclusion Support

KIS is designed to contribute to the delivery of quality kindergarten programs in line with the National Quality Framework and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

Refer to the department’s website for further information about KIS, including guidelines and application forms.

The support from KIS programs is in addition to the existing resources available to kindergarten staff and may not fully cover all costs. There are a range of resources available to support kindergartens to implement an inclusive program.

Find out more

For further information about KIS, including contact details for further enquiries, refer to Kindergarten Inclusion Support.