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Kindergarten Inclusion Support (KIS) program Specialised Equipment Trial (SET)

Specialised equipment is available for kindergarten services to borrow. The program aims to improve the inclusion of children with significant disabilities.

Funding for specialised kindergarten equipment for children with disabilities was previously available under the Victorian Government's Flexible Support Packages program, which has now transitioned to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

As inclusion supports related to educational settings are excluded from NDIS funding, this specialised equipment trial will ensure supports are available for children with significant disabilities to access a funded kindergarten program and achieve positive learning outcomes.

KIS SET enables the greater inclusion of children with significant disabilities in a Victorian Government funded kindergarten program, alongside their typically developing peers, so that all children can achieve positive learning outcomes.

Specialised equipment under KIS SET is available for loan, at no cost, to Victorian Government funded kindergarten programs to support children with significant disabilities.

Who can apply?

All Victorian Government funded kindergarten services that support a child in a funded kindergarten program with a severe disability (as defined by the Disability Act 2006) are eligible to submit a loan request application, if supported by the child's therapist.

Applications are subject to approval in line with the KIS SET Guidelines and the suitability and availability of the equipment requested.

How to apply for KIS SET

A kindergarten service can make an application for specialised equipment to the administering organisation at any time during the kindergarten year. The kindergarten service must demonstrate that the specialised equipment will support the child's ongoing inclusion in a kindergarten program.

Who is the administering organisation?

Yooralla administers KIS SET on behalf of the Department of Education and Training.

What type of equipment is funded?

Specialised equipment available through KIS SET will include (but is not limited to):

  • Standing frames to allow a child with high physical needs to participate in activities in a kindergarten program
  • Change tables, toilet seats or steps, potty chairs, mobile stools, hoists, slings, harnesses and seating or posture aids.

What type of equipment is not funded?

Specialised equipment out of scope includes (but is not limited to):

  • Some equipment provided under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Therapeutic equipment (for example, hearing aids and therapist tables)
  • Equipment that the kindergarten service would reasonably be expected to supply as part of the provision of a quality early learning environment
  • Equipment that the parent, guardian or carer would reasonably be expected to supply for their child (for example, wheelchairs, walking frames and body suits)
  • Equipment for which there are hygiene issues (for example, padded cots)
  • Specialist inclusion toys such as switch and sensory toys
  • Communication cards or charts, and Auslan dictionaries to enable the child and educators to communicate effectively.

How long will KIS SET operate?

KIS SET will operate during the 2021 and 2022 kindergarten years.

More information

Guidelines, Information and Loan Request Application Kit

These guidelines have been developed for Victorian Government funded kindergarten services, parents, guardians, carers and the child's therapist to explain the purpose of KIS SET and guide them through the loan request application process.

Loan Request Application form

The authorised person of the kindergarten service is responsible for completing and submitting this form along with relevant supporting documentation to the administering organisation.

Frequently asked questions about KIS SET

There are a range of resources available to support kindergarten services to implement an inclusive program.

Reviewed 05 December 2022


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