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Training and qualifications of staff in early childhood services

Approved qualifications and training in Victoria for both National Quality Framework (NQF) and Children’s Services Act (CS Act).

Educational qualifications - National Quality Framework (NQF)

The National Quality Framework (NQF) sets out the minimum qualifications, and educator to child ratios for educators working directly with children.

Find information about the Qualification requirementsExternal Link in different education and care settings.

Read information about:

  • the meaning of ‘actively working towards a qualification’
  • recognition as a ‘suitably qualified person’
  • recognition as an ‘equivalent early childhood teacher’.

Educational qualifications - limited hours and occasional care

Limited hours services

  • All educators educating and caring for children.
  • Must have completed at least an approved Certificate III level Education and Care qualification.

Occasional care services

  • Of the educators required to meet the required educator to child ratio, at least 50% must have, or be actively working towards an approved diploma level education and care qualification.
  • All other educators required to meet the required educator to child ratio, must hold, or be actively working towards at least an approved Certificate III qualification.

Check if your qualification is approved

Check whether your qualification is approved under the NQF and the Children’s Services (CS Act) using the Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) Qualifications checkerExternal Link .

If your qualification is not listed, you can apply to ACECQA to have your qualifications assessed for equivalence: Early childhood qualification assessmentExternal Link .

If you require a skills assessment for migration purposes, refer to: ACECQA Migration skills assessmentExternal Link .

First aid, anaphylaxis and asthma management training

Read about first aid, anaphylaxis and asthma management training.

Workforce initiatives to support upskilling

The department provides a range of funding and career support, and professional development.

For more information, read: Training and support for early childhood professionalsExternal Link .

Reviewed 04 April 2023


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