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How to find an early childhood education mentor

There are many ways early childhood provisionally registered teachers can find a mentor to support them to move to full registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

Moving from provisional to full registration is an important step in a teacher’s career and demonstrates their proficiency against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

 As part of the process for moving to full registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT), early childhood provisionally registered teachers (PRTs) are required to work with a mentor to help guide them through the VIT’s Inquiry process.

Find a mentor

Depending on your early childhood setting type and location, you may find the following suggestions helpful in connecting with a mentor:

  • use the mentor map on this page
  • if your service does not have a mentor, your employer/manager could approach a nearby service to see if they have an experienced teacher available to mentor you
  • if your employer operates multiple services, they may be able to connect you with an experienced teacher from another service they operate
  • if you are not the only teacher at your service and if appropriate, ask your manager to send the other teacher(s) to undertake the Effective Mentoring Program (refer to Mentor training for experienced early childhood teachers)
  • become a member of relevant Victorian early childhood teacher social media pages and advertise that you are looking for a mentor
  • if you cannot find a mentor located within a reasonable distance to you, consider working with them virtually by video and phone calls, emails and video recordings, etc
  • use your professional network or alumni contacts
  • contact Gowrie Victoria and see if you are eligible for a mentor through the PRT Mentor Program (further details below).

Early childhood provisionally registered teacher mentor program

Free access to a mentor

The department has partnered with Gowrie Victoria to provide free mentor support for PRTs to move to full teacher registration with the VIT.

Registrations for the two intakes have now closed. Further updates on the program will be provided in July 2024.

Support provided

  • Mentors from Gowrie Victoria work with PRTs to support them through the process of moving from provisional to full teacher registration with the VIT. 
  • The level and type of support provided by the Gowrie Victoria mentors is tailored for each PRT. This may include virtual or in-person mentoring support.
  • The program takes approximately 3 - 5 months to complete and includes 3 onsite observation and reflection sessions.  

The Gowrie Victoria mentors support the PRTs in identified areas of development, assist in gathering evidence of professional practice and with the completion of the Inquiry Project.

How to apply

Eligibility is prioritised for PRTs that:

  • are located regionally (outside of metropolitan Melbourne)
  • have been unable to access a mentor 
  • have been a PRT for more than 2 years.

To request access to a mentor, contact Gowrie Victoria at or visit Gowrie Victoria. Places are limited.

Mentor map

This map lists over 50 mentors who may be available to guide you through the process to become fully registered with the VIT.

All of these mentors have completed the Effective Mentoring Program. 

Search the map for a mentor in your area and contact them to check their availability.

If an approved provider has received funding through the Early Childhood Registered Teacher (PRT) Grants Program, this can used to cover expenses incurred to assist the PRT to work with their mentor.

See what mentoring looks like in Victoria

Windsor Community Children's Centre - Vimeo (opens in a new window)(opens in a new window)

Moreland Community Childcare - Vimeo (opens in a new window)(opens in a new window)

More information

For more information about how to progress to full registration with the VIT, visit the VIT’s moving to full registration information hub.

For information about other professional development and training programs available, visit the Training and support for early childhood professionals webpage.