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Toys and equipment grants for every Victorian kindergarten

A $5,000 grant for new educational toys and equipment.

Funded kindergarten services in Victoria will receive a one-off $5,000 grant for educational toys and equipment to support play-based learning for children while they attend kindergarten

As announced in the Victorian Budget 2023/24 this grant will be available to every funded Victorian kindergarten service. 

This funding means each kindergarten will see new, inclusive and age-appropriate materials including construction blocks, musical instruments, puzzles, gardening tools and sensory toys – encouraging children of all abilities to use their imagination and creativity, helping them to get the best start in life.

Research shows that quality play-based learning helps lay the foundation for success throughout a child’s education and life. By playing with educational toys and games, children use their imagination and practise important skills, such as problem-solving, while also learning to listen, share and take turns.

Kindergarten services will be encouraged to purchase toys made of natural and sustainable materials – extending their durability and keeping them out of landfill. Purchasing locally made products wherever possible will also be encouraged to support local jobs and businesses.

Funding will be provided directly to kindergarten services and services do not need to apply for the grant. 

The department has developed Guidelines for Educational Toys and Equipment Funding, which are available via the Kindergarten funding page.

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