Parent support services funding

Funding for parent support services covers the employment of a professionally qualified, experienced and skilled Coordinator to deliver the program.

Funding is available for services providers to deliver a parent support program for parents and carers who have children aged 0 to 18 with a disability or developmental delay.

Funding available

Eighty per cent of the funding is for salary and salary-related costs of employing the Coordinator, such as:

  • long service leave
  • WorkCover
  • personal leave.

Twenty per cent is for the administration of the program. This includes:

  • program management and professional supervision of the Coordinator
  • capital inputs into the program such as office equipment, venue hire, and technology to support service.

Requirements and guidelines

Service providers are required to comply with guidelines as set out in the:

About parent support services

Parent support services aim to improve parent competence and confidence through education, support and referral.

Parenting support program provides families with opportunities to:

  • participate in peer support groups
  • establish support networks with other families or carers in their local community
  • gain access to information about evidence-based services to assist them in their parenting role.

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