How to become a funded kindergarten provider

Information for early childhood education service providers on the funding application process.

Becoming a funded kindergarten provider can help you deliver high-quality early childhood education programs while receiving financial support from the Victorian Government.

In Victoria, service providers can receive kindergarten funding to deliver 3 and 4-year-old kindergarten programs. Find out more about types of kindergarten programs.

This page provides you with information on the application process and the evidence requirements to be a funded kindergarten provider.

About being a funded kindergarten provider

As an approved provider of an early childhood service, you may be eligible to become a funded kindergarten provider.

Being a funded kindergarten provider means you and the families of children at your service can benefit from a range of funding from the Victorian Government to support the delivery of a high quality 3 or 4-year-old kindergarten program and promote the participation of all children.

For a full description of kindergarten funding please see the kindergarten funding guide.

Find out if you need to apply

Overview of application process

  1. Check requirements and eligibility to apply to be a funded kindergarten provider. Contact your Early Childhood Improvement Branch to discuss your intentions to apply.
  2. Check your organisation/provider type.
  3. Compile your evidence.
  4. Submit your application. Your application will need to include all the required documents. Assessment of your application will be made when all required documents are submitted.
  5. Assessment of your application.
  6. Service agreement preparation.
  7. End. First payment issued.

Check requirements

To be eligible for funding, providers must:

  • be an approved service provider operating an approved education and care service as regulated by the National Quality Framework (NQF)
  • comply with organisational and policy and operational requirements, as set out in the kindergarten funding guide.

The Victorian Government has committed to expanding kindergarten programs across the state. As part of the expansion commitments there is a scaled approach to funded hours of Three-Year-Old Kindergarten and transition to Pre-Prep. For more details, refer to The Best Start, Best Life reforms. To become a funded kindergarten provider, you will need to complete the following steps.


You will need to consult with:

  • the department’s Early Childhood Improvement Branch to discuss your intention to apply. You will receive an information pack with an application form.
  • your local council/shire about how your service’s kindergarten program meets community need. This also includes how the kindergarten program will be outlined included in the council plan for early years.

Complete an application

The application asks for information about:

  • you as a provider, your organisation details and your service details
  • your educational program
  • a declaration to comply with the requirements.

Compile documents and policies as evidence

The application requires you to provide documents as evidence of governance and management, financial stability and suitability to offer a kindergarten program.

Submit your application with all required documents

Submit your completed application and documents to your local Early Childhood Improvement Branch.

Application and evidence requirements

The kindergarten funding guide contains information about funding, policy and operational requirements that will help with your application. Please read the information in this guide carefully.

For an application form contact your local department Early Childhood Improvement Branch and discuss your intention to apply.

You will be provided with an information pack, including an application form. Keep in mind that submitting the application does not guarantee funding.

Your application will need to be assessed, and this process can take some time.