Child protection in early childhood: online learning

Access the free online eLearning module 'Protecting Children - Mandatory Reporting and Other Obligations for the Early Childhood Sector (PROTECT).

Who the training is for

This training is for all early childhood professionals. The eLearning module supports you to understand the law and your role and responsibilities when responding to children whose safety, health or wellbeing may be at risk.

To meet the requirements of the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011, early childhood professionals who work with children need to be aware of the existence and application of current child protection law and relevant obligations.

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Find the PROTECT training

Once you have accessed your account or registered as a new user you will have access to the PROTECT training.

To find the training module:

  • select the 'Home' screen to access the training tiles
  • select 'Enter' on the 'Protecting Children Modules' training tile
  • select the training marked 'Protecting Children – Mandatory Reporting and Other Obligations Early Childhood'.

Further instructions for creating an account for this online training can be found at Protecting children: Mandatory reporting and other obligations.

About the online learning system

This training module has moved to the Information Sharing and Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) online learning system and is hosted by a third-party provider.

More information

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