Understanding the Child Information Sharing Scheme

Access videos and training to help you better understand the scheme and how you can support children and families to thrive.

Young children sitting on the floor playing musical instruments.

The Child Information Sharing Scheme (CISS) offers significant support for early childhood workforces in sharing information to promote children’s wellbeing and safety.

To help you better understand how the CISS works, please take 10 minutes to watch these 2 short animation videos and share them with your colleagues:

Building your understanding

Understanding the CISS will empower you to collaborate with other authorised services, such as schools, maternal and child health, Victoria Police and child protection, to:

  • get the full picture of the children you work with
  • identify issues or risks for children and families sooner
  • ensure children receive the best support possible across services
  • support children as they transition to schools.

Sign up for online training

To learn more, you can access free training through the Information Sharing and MARAM Online Learning System.

To enrol, select the ‘Education Workforces’ tile and select from the options listed below.

Education Professionals webinars

These 3.5-hour interactive online seminars are presented by a team of educators, with opportunities for discussion. Sessions are appropriate for all early childhood professionals. Morning and afternoon sessions are available several times a week.

Education Leaders eLearn

This is an online multimedia eLearning course for managers and other leaders in charge of change management processes. It consists of 4 modules, which each take around 25 minutes to complete. The entire course will take around 2 hours and you can complete it at your own pace.

Education Professionals eLearn

This is an online multimedia course designed to support professionals to share information confidently, safely and appropriately. There are 6 modules that will each take around 25 minutes. The entire course will take around 2.5 hours and you can complete it at your own pace.

Funding is available to support early years educators who wish to attend information sharing webinars. For more information, contact the department by email: CISandFVIS@education.vic.gov.au

To organise tailored information-sharing training for your team, contact the Victorian Child Information Sharing team by email: childinfosharing@education.vic.gov.au

Find out more

For more information about the reforms, see Child protection in early childhood: privacy and information sharing.

For further enquiries, contact the Victorian Child Information Sharing Division by email: childinfosharing@education.vic.gov.au