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Family violence memorial

Remembering those killed by family violence

Ngarru biik marrna Guliny dillbadin (Woi Wurrung language) 

Lore of the land keeps People safe. 

This memorial honours those who have died, survived or been affected by family violence. It offers solace to you who have suffered, and to you who are suffering. This is a place for all, a place of hope. Together, let us build a world without violence. 

The Family Violence Memorial is a landscaped garden which remembers and honours people who have lost their lives to family and intimate partner violence. It is also a place for reflection and to support healing for those who have experienced or are experiencing family violence.

The garden is situated at the corner of St Andrews Place and Lansdowne Street, East Melbourne. It provides both a physical and symbolic reminder of the lives lost to family and intimate partner violence and that this is an ongoing issue, which we continue to address as a community.

The design features purple flowers that bloom all year – symbolic of the global movement to end family violence, and a pathway which leads to an English Elm tree representing the passing of time and renewal. 

It also includes a smoking vessel and plaque inscription, which recognises the cultural significance of the site. 

The Family Violence Memorial is a partnership between the Victorian Government, the City of Melbourne and involved representatives from the Victim Survivors’ Advisory Council. 

It was developed with architecture firms Muir+Openwork and traditional owners and was completed in 2022. 

Latest news and updates

On 3 May the Safe Steps annual Candlelight Vigil to remember and honour those who have been killed by domestic and family violence was held at the Family Violence memorial. You can watch a recap of the event here and find the full recording on the Safe Steps YouTube channel.

Message from Jennifer Jackson, Chair, Victim Survivors’ Advisory Council (2020 -2022)

We've proudly launched Victoria’s Family Violence Memorial.

The Victim Survivor’s Advisory Council (VSAC) has worked closely with the Victorian Government and Melbourne City Council on the realisation of this important space.

This is part of the broader work of VSAC, drawing on our lived experience to advise the Victorian Government’s efforts to put family violence at the heart of reform in our state.

Our Council includes representatives from a variety of age groups, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

We know that this Memorial will mean different things to different people.

It is a place to honour those who have lost their lives to family violence and all victim-survivors.

It is a place to reflect, take comfort, and hope for a future free from violence.

It is a place to remember that we all have a role to play in ending all forms of family violence and violence against women.

I, along with my fellow Council members invite you to experience the hope and healing of the Memorial.

Jennifer Jackson - Chair, Victim Survivors’ Advisory Council (2020 -2022)

Telling the story of the Family Violence Memorial

The videos below feature victim survivors and designers involved in the completion of the Family Violence Memorial. Watch as they share information and personal stories of the Memorial and its design.

Jennifer Jackson - Former Chair, Victims Survivors Advisory Council

 Russ Vickery - LGBTIQ+ representative, Victim Survivors Advisory Council

Katrina Harrison - Aboriginal representative, Victim Survivors Advisory Council 

Amy Muir - Director, Muir Architecture

Mark Jacques - Director, OpenWork

Sarah Lynn Rees - Lead Indigenous Advisor, Jackson Clements Burrows architects