Department of Families, Fairness and Housing
December 2020

Message from the Minister for Prevention of Family Violence

Gabrielle Williams, Minister for Prevention of Family Violence

In 2016 the Victorian Government announced an ambitious plan: 10 years to rebuild Victoria’s family violence system. The commitment to implement all 227 recommendations from the Royal Commission into Family Violence provided the basis for this reform.

This Rolling Action Plan will guide us through the next three years of the reform. It is delivered through this web portal as a digital product setting out our focus of activities to 2023 in the context of our 10-year plan to end family violence: ‘Ending Family Violence: Victoria’s plan for change’. 

We do not have a too-hard basket. We know that what is difficult is also often important.

Gabrielle Williams, Minister for Prevention of Family Violence
18 September 2020

By presenting the Rolling Action Plan as an interactive digital product you will not only be able to read about this plan, but by using the links provided, you can also navigate to the range of reform activity across government departments and agencies.

  • We recognise the diversity of Aboriginal people living throughout Victoria. Whilst the terms ‘Koorie’ or ‘Koori’ are commonly used to describe Aboriginal people of southeast Australia, we have used the term ‘Aboriginal’ to include all people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent who are living in Victoria.

    The use of the words ‘our’ and ‘we’ throughout this document refers to the Victorian Government. Unless otherwise stated, our use of the term "the government" refers to the Victorian Government.

Reviewed 19 April 2021