A framework for place-based approaches

This framework is the start of conversation about how government can better support place-based approaches.

27 Feb 2020

To continually improve how we work in place, we need to have a clear and shared understanding and way of talking about it. The Victorian Government’s Framework for Place-Based Approaches describes a way of thinking about place that will better enable Victorian Public Service employees to effectively communicate across government.

The framework clarifies the difference between approaches that invite local communities to inform or contribute to government decision-making (place-focused) and those where we hand over control or are an equal partner in decision-making with communities (place-based).

Place-focused approaches

  • Plan and adapt government services and infrastructure to ensure they are meeting local needs.
  • Government listens to community to adapt how we do our business, but ultimately, has control over the objectives, scope and implementation.

Place-based approaches

  • Can complement the bigger picture of services and infrastructure. They engage with issues and opportunities that are driven by complex, intersecting local factors and require a cross-sectoral or long-term response.
  • Place-based approaches target the specific circumstances of a place and engage local people as active participants in development and implementation, requiring government to share decision-making.