About this document

This section outlines the purpose, audience and structure of the Framework for place-based approaches.


This framework is intended to:

  • provide a common language for the different ways government works with local communities in places
  • support clear communication within government and with community partners
  • start a conversation about how government can better support place-based approaches that partner with local communities in decision-making


The framework is intended for Victorian public servants.


This paper will:

  • define and describe the two ways that government works in place - ‘place-focused approaches’ and ‘place-based approaches’
  • delve deeper into ‘place-based approaches’ and explain how they can be designed and implemented
  • outline what needs to change in government to enable place-based approaches to succeed

While this framework does not go into depth on designing and implementing place-focused approaches, they remain a critical tool for government to achieve improved outcomes for local communities.

Inclusive and accessible engagement results in diverse voices being heard by decision-makers and the broader public.