MARAM non-accredited training

Find the latest news and information about MARAM non-accredited training for Quarter 3 2021-22.

Adults using family violence training

What training is being developed?

There will be three training packages developed on Identification, Intermediate and Comprehensive responsibilities to support prescribed MARAM workforces and their practitioners.

What has been achieved so far?

FSV has engaged Swinburne University of Technology and consortium partners, Uniting Vic/Tas and Boorndawan Willam Aboriginal Healing Service (BWAHS) to undertake the development of non-accredited MARAM training for working with adults using family violence. No to Violence are also involved in the development as a key subject matter expert. In early April, Swinburne Consortium provided the draft Course 1 – Identification training module for review to the subject matter experts and FSV.

What is happening now?

FSV is reviewing the content and structure of the training package and providing feedback. FSV will facilitate a pilot session of the identification package for early user feedback to inform development of Courses 2 and 3 (Intermediate and Comprehensive). FSV has consulted with departmental MARAM implementation teams on working closely with Swinburne to organise pilot sessions to inform the finalisation of the training packages.

What is planned next?

FSV has commenced planning for the delivery of the training, with approval having been provided for FSV to commence a procurement process to secure a lead training provider. The lead training provider is intended to deliver training to specialist workforces, and support training other approved providers to deliver to identification and intermediate workforces. The exact details of this continue to be in discussion.

Redevelopment of MARAM victim survivor training

What training is available and subject of the review?

Victim survivor modules are available in identification, intermediate and comprehensive practice. These modules are delivered by Safe and Equal, and other providers procured by government departments.

Collaborative Practice training is delivered through Principal Strategic Advisors.
Leading Alignment for organisational leaders is delivered by Safe and Equal.

The training has been available for more than 2 years. This means there is a good amount of feedback and knowledge to access on any opportunities for improvements.

What has been achieved in the redevelopment so far?

Safe and Equal have commenced consultations. The initial consultations, focused on trainer feedback, have been completed.

What is happening now?

In May, Safe and Equal are consulting with participants who have completed training over the past three months.

What is planned next?

Once Safe and Equal have completed their reviews, they will prepare a set of recommendations for consideration by FSV on potential updates to the training modules. FSV will consider the recommendations and consult with stakeholders at that time. This is anticipated for June 2022.