Training for information sharing and MARAM

Training for the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme and Child Information Sharing Scheme, with an introduction to MARAM, is available online.

Training in the Information Sharing Schemes

What is covered in the training?

Module 1: General Overview of the Information Sharing Reforms

Module 2: Family Violence and Child Information Sharing Schemes, and an introduction to MARAM

Module 3: Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme

Module 3a: Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme in Practice

Module 4: Child Information Sharing Scheme

Module 4a: Child Information Sharing Scheme in Practice

Module 7: Information Sharing for Organisational Leaders

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Access the training

More information

MARAM training

In-depth MARAM training will be available early 2019.

Delivery of this training will complement the centralised face-to-face information sharing training. MARAM training will focus on building sector wide capability in risk assessment and management in line with different organisational and professional responsibilities.

Training modules will focus on how to embed the MARAM into organisational processes and professional practice, and will target different professionals according to their role and function.

In the interim, professionals are encouraged to continue developing their family violence risk assessment and management capabilities through existing CRAF training.

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Reviewed 18 March 2019