Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme

The Scheme enables the sharing of information between authorised organisations to assess and manage family violence risk.

The Royal Commission into Family Violence found organisations working with victims and perpetrators of family violence collect a wide variety of information to:

  • keep victims safe
  • hold perpetrators to account

The Commission also discovered that:

  • important information wasn't being shared effectively between organisations
  • failure to share crucial information with frontline workers can have catastrophic consequences for victims of family violence

As a result, the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (Scheme) was created by Part 5A of the Family Violence Protection Act 2008. The Scheme supports effective assessment and management of family violence risk.

Under the Scheme, Information Sharing Entities or ISEs (key organisations and services) can share information related to assessing or managing family violence risk. The Scheme supports ISEs to:

  • keep perpetrators in view and accountable
  • promote the safety of victim survivors of family violence

The Scheme doesn't interfere with existing information sharing legislation, like privacy or child protection legislation.

Changes have also been made to Victorian privacy legislation so information can be shared to reduce or prevent a serious threat to someone's life, health, safety or welfare.

Who can share information under the Scheme?

Information can only be shared under the Scheme by ISEs. The Ministerial Guidelines for the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme provide guidance on which organisations and services are prescribed and should be referred to any time information is shared under the scheme.

Download the Ministerial Guidelines for more detail about the Scheme:

You can also download the Family Violence Protection (Information Sharing and Risk Management) Regulations 2018 where the specific function of ISEs are listed.

Many of the authorised organisations under the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme are also prescribed under the Child Information Sharing Scheme.

The Scheme began on 26 February 2018 for a select group of organisations. Additional organisations were authorised in September 2018.

Access the list of authorised organisations

Some state-wide entities (including those organisations and services in sectors in the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme in February 2018) can access the online Information Sharing Entities list until a redeveloped online option is available.

You can request access if your organisation is funded by:

  • Department of Justice and Regulation
  • Family Safety Victoria
  • Court Services

ISEs funded from one of the above agencies can request access to the online ISE list by registering via this link:

Submit your request online

Reviewed 05 February 2020

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