Child Information Sharing Scheme

The Scheme enables information sharing between authorised organisations to promote a child's wellbeing or safety.

We want children and young people to thrive and have the best possible chance to live safe, successful and happy lives.

The Child Information Sharing Scheme allows authorised organisations and professionals working with children, young people and families to share information to promote a child's wellbeing or safety.

Many services already work together to do this. The Child Information Sharing Scheme makes it easier for professionals to support children, young people and families to get the help they need as early as possible, and prevent harm occurring.

Who is covered?

All Victorian children and young people from 0-18 years of age are covered by the Child Information Sharing Scheme.

Child Link is a digital register that will be a key enabler of the Child Information Sharing Scheme.

Authorised professionals (such as a Maternal and Child Health nurse) will be able to access the register for children in their care or service.

Child Link will give authorised professionals a more complete picture of a child’s history and current situation. This will help them to identify risks to children and to collaborate with other services to help children and families.

Child Link will help to prevent professionals from missing crucial information that a child is at risk of harm. 

Appropriate safeguards will be in place to protect a child’s information.

More information

To find out how to make a request under the Child Information Sharing Scheme and access other resources, visit our guides, templates and tools page.

Reviewed 07 January 2020

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