Information Sharing Entity List

Information Sharing Entity List user guide.

What is an ISE?

An information sharing entity (ISE) is an organisation or service that has been prescribed in legislation to request and share information under the Child Information Sharing Scheme (CISS) and the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS).

ISEs should identify those roles in the organisation or service that are appropriate to use the scheme to make or respond to requests and voluntarily share information, on behalf of the ISE.

What is the ISE List?

The ISE List is a searchable database that can be used to identify organisations and services prescribed as ISEs to facilitate confidential information exchange.

The ISE List can be accessed by ISEs as prescribed organisations and services.

To view a description of prescribed ISEs please refer to Appendix 2 - Prescribed entities

How do I verify an ISE?

ISEs are responsible for verifying whether an individual is from an ISE before they share any information.

If an ISE does not have an existing relationship with the person receiving or requesting information, then they should take reasonable steps to verify their identity.

This may include asking them to send an email from an organisational account or calling them back via their organisation's switchboard.

The ISE List should not be solely relied on to verify ISEs.

Where can I access the ISE List?

The ISE List is publicly available.

You can go directly to the ISE list by clicking the button below.

Please note that the ISE List Search has recently been updated.

You will notice a new look to how the information is displayed. You can still search for an ISE and access their contact information.

Access the ISE List(opens in a new window)

How do I search the ISE List?

If you know the name of the organisation or service you wish to search, type one key word into the search bar and click the 'Search' button.

If your search returns too many results, we recommend you review the text used in your organisation or service search.

Click the 'Refine search' button to filter using the search filters 'Funded for' and/or 'Risk Assessment Entity'.

Funded for

This search filter can be used to select a program or service type that can share information under CISS and FVISS.

For example, to identify an ISE that delivers specialist family violence services, use the 'Funded For' drop-down to select 'Specialist Family Violence Services'.

Click the 'Apply search filters' button to return search results.

Risk Assessment Entity

This search filter can be used to identify whether an organisation or service is prescribed as a Risk Assessment Entity (RAE) under FVISS. Examples of RAEs include all specialist family violence services, Victoria Police and Child Protection.

To identify all ISEs that are prescribed as a RAE under FVISS, select 'Yes' from the drop-down list.

Click the 'Apply search filters' button to return search results.

Clear search filters

Ensure you click 'Clear search filters' to refresh your search.

ISE contact details

As well as an organisation's name and the schemes it is prescribed under, some search results will also show an organisation's email, telephone number and links to a webform or website.

Note: ‘Email’,‘Telephone’ and 'Website/Links' are not mandatory fields and will sometimes appear blank.

How is the ISE List updated?

The ISE List is updated at regular intervals but is not a live list.

If you believe an organisation or service is missing from the ISE List, you are uncertain about an ISE’s status, or you want to update the contact details for your ISE entry, please: