Appendix 5: disclosure index

The annual report of North East Link State Tolling Corporation (STC) is prepared in accordance with all relevant Victorian legislations and pronouncements.

This index has been prepared to facilitate identification of STC’s compliance with statutory disclosure requirements.

Standing Directions and Financial Reporting Directions
LegislationRequirementHeaderPage ref
Charter and purpose
FRD 22Manner of establishment and the relevant MinistersGovernance and Organisational Structure9
FRD 22Purpose, functions, powers and dutiesGovernance and Organisational Structure9
FRD 8Departmental objectives, indicators and outputsGovernance and Organisational Structure9
FRD 22Key initiatives and projectsKey Achievements8
FRD 22Nature and range of services providedGovernance and Organisational Structure9
Management and structure
FRD 22Organisational structureGovernance and Organisational Structure9
Financial and other information
FRD 8Performance against output performance measuresn/a
FRD 10Disclosure indexAppendix 446
FRD 12Disclosure of major contractsAppendix 343
FRD 15Executive disclosuresOther Disclosures37
FRD 22Employment and conduct principlesAppendix 1 - People and Workplace41
FRD 22Occupational health and safety policyAppendix 1 - People and Workplace41
FRD 22Summary of the financial results for the yearYear in Review7
FRD 22Significant changes in financial position during the yearYear in Review7
FRD 22Major changes or factors affecting performanceYear in Review7
FRD 22Subsequent eventsYear in Review7
FRD 22Application and operation of Freedom of Information Act 1982Appendix 343
FRD 22Compliance with building and maintenance provisions of Building Act 1993Appendix 343
FRD 22Statement on National Competition Policyn/a
FRD 22Application and operation of the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012Appendix 343
FRD 22Application and operation of the Carers Recognition Act 2012Appendix 1 - People and Workplace41
FRD 22Details of consultancies over $10 000Appendix 3 - Corporate Information43
FRD 22Details of consultancies under $10 000Appendix 3 - Corporate Information43
FRD 22Disclosure of government advertising expendituren/a
FRD 22Disclosure of ICT expenditureAppendix 3 - Corporate Information43
FRD 22Statement of availability of other informationAppendix 3 - Corporate Information43
FRD 22Asset Management Accountability Framework (AMAF) maturity assessmentAppendix 3 - Corporate Information43
FRD 24Reporting of office-based environmental impactsAppendix 3 - Corporate Information43
FRD 25Local JobsFirstAppendix 2 - Local Jobs First and Social Procurement42
FRD 29Workforce Data disclosuresAppendix 1 - People and Workplace41
Compliance attestation and declaration
SD 5.1.4Attestation for compliance with Ministerial Standing Direction 45
SD 5.2.3Declaration in report of operations 4
Financial statements
SD 5.2.2Declaration in the financial statements 13
Standing Directions and Financial Reporting Directions
LegislationRequirementPage reference
Other disclosures as required by FRDs in notes to the financial statements (1)
FRD 11Disclosure of Ex gratia Expenses40
FRD 21Disclosures of Responsible Persons, Executive Officers and other Personnel (Contractors with Significant Management Responsibilities) in the Financial Report37
FRD 103Non-Financial Physical Assets23
FRD 110Cash Flow Statements18
FRD 114Financial Instruments – general government entities and public non-financial corporations32


  1. References to FRDs have been removed from the Disclosure Index if the specific FRDs do not contain requirements that are in the nature of disclosure.