The first year and beyond

Maturing The Orange Door service offering

The full intent and function of The Orange Door is described in The Support and Safety Hubs: Statewide Concept published in July 2017. This document describes the service components that make up the full functionality of The Orange Door, and notes that operation and delivery of The Orange Door will be scaled up incrementally over time.

This annual report has described the first year of service delivery of the foundational service model for The Orange Door in the first 5 sites, including: screening, intake, triage, assessment and planning, crisis response and connections to specialist family violence and child and family services and broader social services for longer term support where needed.

Establishing the foundational service model in the 12 remaining sites is a priority for Government.

To achieve the full functionality of The Orange Door as articulated in the Statewide Concept a suite of improvements to the service model will be rolled out. These enhancements focus on strengthening connections with other services most commonly needed by clients through referral pathways, including legal, housing services and financial counselling. This could occur through ‘outreach’, whereby practitioners from The Orange Door are outposted to these other services, or through ‘inreach’, whereby staff from other services deliver targeted interventions at The Orange Door.

Maturing service delivery data and reporting

In parallel with enhancements being made to The Orange Door service, there is ongoing improvement in our ability to record and report information about service delivery.

Over time, data collection will be strengthened, allowing for reporting on a wider range of service delivery data, including on client experience of The Orange Door.

Further enhancements to the CRM and practice guidance will also support the quality and consistency of data collection. For example, better demographic data will improve our understanding of who is accessing The Orange Door, and more precise data on allocations and referrals out of The Orange Door will provide a stronger understanding of people’s journey through the service system.

As The Orange Door CRM and data collection processes mature, reporting will include a stronger focus on outcomes for people (i.e. the impact of our services on what is achieved in people’s lives) and the system (i.e. how services are delivered) in addition to reporting on outputs (i.e. what service intervention is delivered). This information will provide a clearer picture of what is working and for whom, and will support future decision-making about service delivery and design.