The Orange Door network represents a foundational service model which is continually improved and expanded upon, using insights gained through its implementation.

FSV has now addressed four recommendations from Victorian Auditor-General’s Office report on Managing Support and Safety Hubs released in May 2020:

  • delivering the plan to full concept for The Orange Door network
  • developing a performance monitoring framework to support Hub Leadership Groups in their governance role
  • providing an updated induction program for The Orange Door network staff
  • commencing delivery of cultural safety training for The Orange Door network staff.

In forthcoming years, FSV is focused on:

  • designing CRM outcome enhancements and delivery, scoped in alignment with the Performance Management Framework [26]
  • revising the Integrated Practice Framework in conjunction with sector stakeholders, Aboriginal communities and people with lived experience
  • standardising the approach to child well-being assessments
  • developing a demand management framework and enhanced demand management monitoring
  • designing and developing improvements to capture data on quality, timeliness, outcomes and clients awaiting a response from external service.

Other priorities moving forward include:

  • enhancing service connections, responses and accessibility for individuals of any age, gender, ability, sex, sexuality, culture or religion, including through the implementation of the Inclusion Action Plan for The Orange Door network
  • establishing the first Aboriginal Access point by June 2023 and strengthening Aboriginal inclusion, access, and safety through the implementation of the Aboriginal Inclusion Action Plan and strengthening cultural safety in The Orange Door network program
  • progressing the second evaluation of The Orange Door network and preparing for the third evaluation [27]
  • statewide alignment of The Orange Door network with operational guidance, to ensure consistent integrated client service delivery and increased data and reporting capacity.

Work to build The Orange Door network evidence base will be supported by cross government focus on coordinating and expanding research, data and evaluation activities as detailed in the Family Violence Rolling Action Plan 2020-2023. This work program acknowledges that improving the quality, availability and use of data is key to driving continuous improvement and underpins effective research and evaluation.


[26] The CRM will capture data on the ability of the sector to deliver a service provision outcome to clients when they are allocated from The Orange Door to a core service.

[27] The second evaluation commenced in late 2022 and will seek to understand client experience at The Orange Door, with a specific focus on the experiences of diverse client groups. The second evaluation will take a participatory approach, with peer evaluators with lived experience of family violence and/or child and family services to play a key role in the evaluation's design and delivery. Preparation for the third evaluation is now underway.