Process for a wildlife management plan required under the Wildlife Act

When a wildlife management plan is required under the Wildlife Act, there are six steps in the process.

Preparing wildlife management plans can take some time due to the complex nature of the wildlife issues involved – it is recommended that land holders/managers start early and allow plenty of time.

1RequirementDeciding whether a wildlife management plan is required (which could be informed by advice from the Conservation Regulator, or based on an assessment by the landholder/manager).
2PreparationPreparation of a wildlife management plan by an ecologist or other appropriately qualified person.
3SubmissionSubmission of a wildlife management plan and application to the Conservation Regulator.
4AssessmentAssessment by the Conservation Regulator. The Conservation Regulator may ask for further information or clarification from the applicant to inform the assessment.
5DecisionThe Conservation Regulator makes a decision about issuing or not issuing an authorisation under the Wildlife Act and communicates that decision to the applicant. Where an authorisation is issued, it will include conditions that the applicant must comply with.
6MonitoringThe Conservation Regulator may undertake monitoring activities to ensure the conditions in the authorisation are being met.