Wildlife Management Plan checklist

Completing a Wildlife Management Plan required under the Wildlife Act

Prior to developing the wildlife management plan

  • Consider the wildlife issue and clearly determine the problem, reason for control, and how the control will resolve the problem
  • Consult with the Conservation Regulator to determine whether an Authority to Control Wildlife and a wildlife management plan is necessary for your purpose
  • Consult an ecologist or other suitably qualified professional to assist with plan development, expert advice, and surveys where required

Preparing the wildlife management plan

  • The reason for management is clearly articulated
  • The objectives of the plan are clearly described
  • The wildlife problem is stated and supporting evidence provided
  • Animal welfare is considered throughout the plan and supported by the actions proposed
  • The species information provided demonstrates understanding of the species physiology and behaviour that may complicate the plan’s delivery
  • Survey data for the species is provided, giving a recent site population estimate
  • The site of proposed management is described, the landscape context of the site considered, and photographs of the site are provided
  • The provided options analysis is comprehensive, including non-lethal and ‘do nothing’ options, with a clear recommendation on the proposed management method/s
  • The provided operational plan (if required) is complete, with timelines estimated and responsibilities for actions set
  • Relevant contingency plans are identified in the event of the operational plan being unsuccessful for the proposed management of wildlife
  • Likely risks are identified in the plan and mitigation measures described
  • Engagement information is provided where applicable
  • A monitoring and reporting framework has been considered

Submitting the wildlife management plan

  • An ATCW application form is filled in and submitted with the plan
  • All required evidence is annexed to the plan
  • Plan is submitted by email to the relevant regional Conservation Regulator team for assessment

Download checklist to complete Wildlife Management Plan required under the Wildlife Act

Completing a Wildlife Management Plan required under the Wildlife Act Checklist
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