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What is a Statement of Regulatory Intent?

This Statement of Regulatory Intent sets
 out proposed public commitments for how the Conservation Regulator will acquit its responsibilities for wildlife regulation and measure its performance as a regulator.

Statements of Regulatory Intent provide an explanation of how the Conservation Regulator will use its powers to prevent, monitor and respond to breaches of the law to achieve our regulatory outcomes in specific topic areas.

Implementation of Statements of Regulatory Intent will be publicly reported on annually, as part of the Conservation Regulator’s reporting against its annual State and Regional Regulatory Priorities.

This statement outlines the role of the Conservation Regulator in regulating the protection, conservation and activities concerning wildlife, including the sustainable use of and access to wildlife, and describes what the community and regulated entities can expect from us as a regulator. Specifically, this statement describes how the Conservation Regulator intends to use available regulatory tools to prevent, detect and respond to breaches of the law.

Statements of Regulatory Intent should be
 read in conjunction with:

  • DELWP’s Regulatory Framework
  • the Conservation Regulator’s key policy and strategy documents
    • Compliance and Enforcement Policy
    • annual Regulatory Priorities
    • Engagement Strategy.

These documents are available on the Conservation Regulator website