How to sell or give away wildlife

If you have made the decision to rehome your wildlife, this section will explore different options based on the type of wildlife in your care.

Ask your networks

Friends, family and wildlife associations may be able to put you in touch with someone looking for a native pet.

Explore using community notice boards, online buy/swap/sell forums, social media or traditional advertising platforms where appropriate. If choosing to advertise, remember you must include your private wildlife licence number in the advertisement if you’re required to have one.

Approach a wildlife dealer

A licensed wildlife dealer, such as a pet shop that sells wildlife, may accept your wildlife for rehoming.

Contact the Conservation Regulator

If you’re still unsure about rehoming your wildlife, please reach out to us to discuss your individual circumstances by calling 136 186(opens in a new window) or emailing Conservation Regulator(opens in a new window)