Licensing requirements when rehoming

It’s important to understand which wildlife species require a private wildlife licence to legally keep them as pet. You can find out more by visiting our Private wildlife licences page(opens in a new window).

If your wildlife doesn’t require a licence, you can sell or give it to any person who is able to provide adequate care to the animal.

If your wildlife does require a licence to keep, you can only sell or give it to another licensed person or business. It is your responsibility to check whether the person or business has a licence. You should ask to see their licence during the rehoming process. Any advertisement must include your wildlife licence number.

Private wildlife licences(opens in a new window)

All wildlife transactions for wildlife that require a licence, must be documented in your record book on the same business day. The record must include the receivers’ licence number.

Further guidance about your record keeping responsibilities is available on our Private licence obligations and record keeping(opens in a new window) page.

If your licence has expired or you don’t have a licence, but you do have wildlife that requires a licence in your possession, you can’t sell or give your wildlife away legally. Other licence holders can’t receive the animal from you without a valid licence.

If you are in this situation, please reach out to us directly to discuss options for rehoming. Email Conservation Regulator

You must have an import and export permit to bring any wildlife into Victoria or export any wildlife out of Victoria.

Import and export permits for wildlife(opens in a new window)