Removing a disqualification

Disqualified carers can apply to have their disqualification removed.

You must wait 12 months before you can apply to have a disqualification removed. The Panel may waive the waiting period under exceptional circumstances.

In your application, you must provide:

  • the reasons why you believe the disqualification should be removed
  • how your circumstances have changed and why you no longer pose an unacceptable risk of harm to children
  • the exceptional circumstances showing why your disqualification should be removed before the 12-month period has passed.


Once your application is received, the Panel will decide if there will be a hearing.

If there is to be a hearing, you will receive a notice that has the date of your hearing.

At the hearing, the Panel will decide to either continue your disqualification or remove it.

You will get a notice of the outcome within 14 days of the determination. The Panel will also notify the Secretary of the outcome of your hearing.

Apply now

To apply, please email for a copy of the Prescribed Form 4 – Application to Suitability Panel for removal of disqualification.

Return the completed form by:

  • emailing it to
  • posting it to:

    Executive Officer
    Suitability Panel
    Level 1, 50 Lonsdale Street
    Victoria 3000 Australia