SDP features and services

Single Digital Presence is the Victorian government's Content Management System. Find out what features and services it offers.

What is SDP?

SDP is a secure and scalable web publishing platform designed to consolidate, manage and develop Victorian government websites.

Established on Drupal in 2016, SDP has evolved into a comprehensive web publishing solution. SDP has over 120+ web presences across all the departments and many agencies.

SDP enables you to quickly stand up a web presence that is secure, compliant, trusted and easy to use

SDP is used successfully in a range of day-to-day Government cases, and it has proven highly effective at rapid response to critical situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the Optus data breach.

SDP’s design simplifies the digital experience for citizens, ensuring they can easily find, understand, and engage with government.

A key benefit for the IT team within the agency is knowing DGS are conducting code patches and updates, to ensure hosting security. SDP is managing the security part of the platform well which is important in the current climate.

Features and services

Content management system

A Drupal platform facilitating streamlined content creation, optimisation, and management with:

  • unlimited account access to a comprehensive set of publishing tools and components out of the box that meet Government publishing needs
  • easy to use forms for the collection of open and sensitive data
  • Google Analytics dashboards
  • access to the WoVG data layer if you have custom requirements (charges apply)
  • revision history and federated publishing approvals for greater visibility of authorisations
  • domain management - manage your own redirects in your own time.

Publishing support and training

Guidance and online training modules for content publishing, supplemented by a knowledge base. Includes:

  • support to publishing best practise via our online content training and help centre
  • Community of Practice to bring the Victorian government publishing community closer together
  • content migration automation. Making it easier to implement your migration into SDP with bulk migrations of content from external sites (charges apply).

Design system

A robust design framework ensuring web accessibility standards, offering design prototyping tools and flexible branding options, including:

  • technical and design compliance to WCAG accessibility 2.1 AA
  • ready-made Figma files for easy design and prototyping
  • out of the box colour creation and branding for non sites (charges apply).

IT features and support

Up-to-date secure software integrations, backed by responsive support services, protective measures, and reliable hosting.

We provide:

  • upgrades to latest versions of Drupal (CMS) and Ripple (design system)
  • security assessment and updates to IRAP standards
  • support desk to address bug fixes and solve problems
  • outage and update alerts
  • a grounded cyber management approach to block bots or people trying to bring down the system
  • proven performance to handle high traffic
  • content availability even in outages (disaster recovery)
  • archive and decommission service
  • fully hosted websites (charges apply). Managed by you or us, according to your needs.

Introducing SDP has improved digital standards and reduced internal conflict about content as we are now an arm's length removed from some decisions which are managed centrally.