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Sick Pay Guarantee information for employers

The Sick Pay Guarantee is a pilot program, fully funded by the Victorian Government.

The Sick Pay Guarantee pilot program is closing

The last date you can submit claims is Sunday 30 June 2024, for work absences up to Friday 31 May 2024.

About the program 

The Sick Pay Guarantee is an Australian-first initiative giving Victorian casual and contract workers in certain jobs up to 38 hours a year of sick and carer’s pay. 

The program is for eligible casual and contract workers who do not have paid annual, personal, sick or carer’s leave entitlements in any job. This includes sole traders and self-employed workers who do not have employees, and don’t hire contractors or pay anyone to do their work for them.

It is a pilot program, fully funded by the Victorian Government. There is no cost to businesses. 

The pilot program will close on 30 June 2024.  

For more information: 

Keep your workplace safe and healthy 

The Sick Pay Guarantee is expected to reduce workplace injuries and illness, improve productivity and lower staff turnover. 

Employers are encouraged to continue supporting workers to take time off when they are sick or need to care for loved ones. 

Workers who stay home when they’re sick or injured can recover quicker and return to work sooner. 


How workers sign up and make claims 

Registrations for the Sick Pay Guarantee have closed.

Workers who have signed up can make claims through Service Victoria.

The last date workers are eligible for sick and carer’s pay is 31 May 2024.

The last date workers can submit claims is 30 June 2024. 

Employers do not need to: 

  • register or sign up  
  • make claims  
  • make payments. 

Employers don’t need to be involved in applications or claims for the Sick Pay Guarantee, except: 

  • if your worker requests evidence of employment if they do not already have it, and 
  • if the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions contacts you as an employer to verify a worker’s application or claim as part of a randomised audit. 

Employers can’t sign up or claim on behalf of their workers. 

Employers are not eligible for the Sick Pay Guarantee. 


Employers do not need to submit claims or make payments.  

Workers must submit their own claims for sick and carer’s pay through Service Victoria. Payments are made directly into the worker’s nominated bank account. 

Payments are made at the national minimum wage ($23.23 per hour as at 1 July 2023), regardless of whether the worker claims for a weekday, weekend or public holiday.  

Workers can’t claim both the Sick Pay Guarantee and COVID-19 support payments for the same period.

Leave entitlements 

The Sick Pay Guarantee is for eligible casual and contract workers who do not have paid annual, personal, sick or carer’s leave entitlements in any job.

The payments assist workers when they take unpaid sick or carer’s leave. The Sick Pay Guarantee is only available for missed work.  

For information about casual employees and what entitlements they receive, see the Fair Work website

For information about independent contractors, see the Fair Work website

Useful resources 

  • Jobs Victoria can support you to hire the staff you need. 
  • Business Victoria provides the guidance, services and skills you need to successfully start, run and transform your business. 
  • The Small Business Bus visits Melbourne and regional Victoria as an 'office on wheels' to help you to develop your business ideas and capabilities. 
  • Skills and Jobs Centres provide expert advice on training and employment opportunities, including services to help employers meet their workforce needs. 

Industry consultation  

A consultation process with workers, unions, business and industry groups was undertaken in 2021 to inform the design of the Sick Pay Guarantee. For more information see the Public Consultation Summary Report

A Ministerial Advisory Committee provided expert advice on the Sick Pay Guarantee’s implementation, including any issues encountered by workers and employers, and how the pilot’s success will be evaluated. 

Share your experience 

When evaluating this pilot program, it is important to understand workers’ and employers’ experience of insecure work and the Sick Pay Guarantee. 

You can share your experience on the contact us page or by emailing