1.3 Cost Modelling and Research

The Stolen Generations Reparations Steering Committee engaged Finity Consulting Pty Ltd to provide a report on participant estimate data and cost modelling to ensure the recommendations in this report accurately aligned with the Victorian Government budget allocation for Stolen Generations Reparations. Finity Consulting were also engaged to provide data specific to Victorian Stolen Generations to ensure that a statistical understanding of socio-economic outcomes was considered within the recommendations. The Finity report will be provided as an addition to this report in late June 2021, a draft report has been provided to the Steering Committee for development of this report.

All other research was conducted by the Steering Committee Secretariat from archival records and public reports and in all cases draws on information, academic and other literature with a focus on Stolen Generations people. This included a research summary of past Reparations and Redress Schemes in Australia and the Indian Residential Schools Agreement in Canada, a report on this can be found at Appendix 3.