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4.2 Accountability and Evaluation

The following recommendations detail the integration of accountability and evaluation mechanisms within Stolen Generations Reparations Victoria.

Recommendation 14

The Steering Committee recommends that a Stolen Generations Advisory Committee be established to provide advice on the implementation and operation of Stolen Generations Reparations. It is recommended that members of the Stolen Generations Advisory Committee are determined by the Stolen Generations community.

This is recommended to ensure that there is a mechanism for continuing Stolen Generations expertise and advice is included within the implementation and operation of all recommendations actioned from this report.

It is recommended that a nomination process be developed to ensure that Stolen Generations across Victoria are able to participate in the Stolen Generations Advisory Committee.

Recommendation 15

The Steering Committee recommends that an evaluation of the Stolen Generations Reparations package be implemented after one year of operation to ensure that the process is supporting Stolen Generations according to the guidelines recommended in this report.

It is recommended that concerning findings from evaluation and monitoring of Stolen Generations Reparations operations be addressed and advice sought from the above noted Stolen Generations Advisory Committee on changes required.

Recommendation 16

The Steering Committee recommends that this report be made publicly available so as transparency between the Victorian Government and Stolen Generations in Victoria is maintained.

This was raised as important throughout the Reparations consultation process and the Steering Committee make this recommendation to ensure the input of Stolen Generations across Victoria is acknowledged.