Partnering in the implementation of strengthening the foundations

Realising the vision and actions in Building from Strength requires a long-term collaborative effort over the life of the Rolling Actions Plans. Along with the key stakeholders below, the Implementation Subgroup and others with specialist expertise, knowledge and lived experience will continue to guide the initiatives in Strengthening the Foundations and future Rolling Action Plans.

As an initial step, Strengthening the Foundations will be showcased around Victoria to support the development of local implementation approaches.

The roles of key stakeholders in implementation

Successful implementation of the initiatives outlined in Strengthening the Foundations, requires a collaborative, proactive and considered approach across the system.

Key stakeholders and stakeholder groups that have important roles in the implementation include:

  • Organisational, sector and industry leadership (executive and board)
  • Specialist family violence and primary prevention sectors
  • Specialist peak bodies
  • Specialist RTOs
  • Family Violence Regional Integration Committees and their Principal Strategic Advisors
  • The Dhelk Dja Partnership Forum
  • Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations
  • FSV – particularly the Centre for Workforce Excellence
  • Government departments and agencies
  • Respect Victoria
  • The tertiary education and training sector

Successful implementation of Strengthening the Foundations and future Rolling Action Plans relies on a clear, agreed articulation of the role of each stakeholder. The work to define roles is underway and will remain an immediate focus for the first year of this plan. As a first step, the Centre for Workforce Excellence, and FSV, will work with specialist peak bodies and RTOs to clearly define their role in specialist sector workforce and sector development.

Collectively defining the roles of all of these stakeholders will be a key priority action.