Commitments by outcome domain

The list below summarises our commitments for making improvements in the daily lives of autistic people in Victoria. These may be refined during the process of developing the outcomes framework for this plan.

Domain 1: Inclusive communities

1.1 Increase positive community attitudes towards autistic people

1.2 Increase connection to culture and community for autistic Victorians

1.3 Increase safety and wellbeing for autistic people using public transport

1.4 Increase skills and knowledge across key workforces

Domain 2: Health, housing and wellbeing

2.1 Improve access to autism assessment, diagnosis and early intervention

2.2 Increase understanding of health and wellbeing needs, including mental health needs, for autistic Victorians

2.3 Respond to the housing needs of autistic Victorians

2.4 Increase participation in sport and recreation for autistic Victorians

2.5 Undertake broad-ranging advocacy to get the most out of the NDIS for autistic Victorians

Domain 3: Fairness and safety

3.1 Increase personal safety for autistic Victorians

3.2 Increase access to support services for autistic people in contact with the justice system

3.3 Increase the inclusion of autistic people with complex needs and their families

3.4 Increase the inclusion of autistic people from diverse communities

3.5 Increase access to culturally safe services for Aboriginal Victorians with autism

Domain 4: Contributing lives

4.1 Increase the workforce capability in Victorian schools to support autistic students

4.2 Strengthen inclusive practices in schools

4.3 Improve information about education and education support systems for parents and autistic students

4.4 Strengthen individualised supports for autistic students

4.5 Increase employment of autistic Victorians

4.6 Increase inclusion and supports for autistic people who are parents

4.7 Promote the voice and leadership of autistic people