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This is Victoria's plan for autistic people to enjoy opportunities for choice, participation and contribution within our community. The Victorian autism plan sets out what the Victorian Government is doing now and will do in the future to improve the lives of autistic Victorians and their families and carers. This work will be undertaken in partnership with the autism community, support organisations and service providers.

Wide consultation with the Victorian autism community has informed the plan, as well as evidence from the Parliamentary Inquiry into Services for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The 2017 inquiry report highlighted a range of issues that affect the quality of life of autistic people.

The inquiry, supported by extensive consultation with stakeholders, tells us that autistic people experience social isolation; lack of appropriate supports and therapy; reduced education and employment outcomes; difficulty accessing health, mental health and other public services; and exclusion from community and public events.

The findings of the inquiry and feedback from autistic people have highlighted key barriers in Victoria that contribute to these experiences:

  • a lack of community understanding of autism
  • limited access to appropriate assessment, diagnosis, supports and services
  • additional barriers to inclusion for autistic people with intersecting identities
  • barriers to accessing an education that meets the needs and aspirations of autistic students
  • exclusion from employment opportunities.

Limited coordination and engagement with the autism community across government programs compounds these issues.