Outstanding Business Manager Award Finalists

Outstanding Business Manager Award Finalists for the Victorian Education Excellence Awards program.

Kathrine Rix, Homestead Senior Secondary College

Kathrine Rix believes that students should not face disadvantage at school and that their only task at the college is to learn to the best of their ability.

Business manager at Homestead Senior Secondary College since its inception in 2020, Kathrine has been instrumental in ensuring the college’s growing student success stems from this principle. Kathrine has prioritised care for students at every level through her contributions to the new college’s policies, infrastructure and organisational culture.

Impacted by the recent pandemic, many students and their families have needed extra and increased individual support. Kathrine applied her resourceful business management skills to secure several external grants that have increased opportunity and access for all students, and particularly those with additional needs.

Initiating a well-respected school lunches program through equity funding, Kathrine is also ensuring that all Homestead students have the nourishment they need to learn at school.

Sharon Veale, Warringa Park School

Warringa Park School is among the largest multi-campus special needs schools in Australia. As the special school’s long-standing business manager, Sharon Veale has overseen the school’s growth from 1 to 4 campuses and accommodated increases in enrolments from 190 to 740 students.

Sharon’s engagement with department initiatives and systems have supported the growing school community to achieve positive student outcomes. Consistently seeking her own professional development, she successfully extends her knowledge and experience to the mentoring of her own extensive administration and Human Resources team, building their capacity and confidence.

Leading with encouragement and care in her own school, Sharon is also a member of the Business Managers Association, Business Managers Wyndham Network, and the Multi-campus Schools Network in Victoria. A mentor to newly appointed business managers in special school settings, Sharon is sharing her knowledge to nurture good business management practice at every level of the sector.

Peter Cameron, Wantirna College

Peter Cameron was so committed to the vision of Wantirna College as a parent, that he joined the staff as business manager to dedicate his skills to improving student outcomes.

A Certified Practicing Accountant with a background in the corporate world, Peter looked upon the role of business manager at Wantirna College with a new lens. Well-placed to take on the challenge of becoming business manager at a college of 160 staff and 1400 students, Peter’s expertise and enjoyment of his new role is having a positive influence on staff, students, and the wider community.

Transforming the customer service of the school and improving the way budgets and resources are managed, his focus on building the capacity of those around him is empowering others to excel.

Introducing new administration practices and refining systems, Peter’s skills have greatly improved the school’s finance and resource management and led to benefits for students, staff, and parents.