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Outstanding School Improvement Award Finalists

Outstanding School Improvement Award Finalists for the Victorian Education Excellence Awards program.

Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School

With 60% of students speaking a language other than English at home, Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School’s new leadership team engaged their diverse community with the shared aspiration of improving children’s learning and wellbeing outcomes. 

A positive focus on school improvement was implemented to prioritise student learning and the engagement of families in building a more inclusive, multicultural school community. 

The leadership team established the Carlisle Community Group as a platform for families to become more involved in school life. With the implementation of a Framework for Improving Student Outcomes 2.0 improvement cycle, teachers and leaders improved their data literacy and led evidence-based school improvement centred on knowing all students and their families well. 

Multicultural Education Aides now work with families, offering English support to isolated parents. Regular Cultural Connections Days celebrate the multicultural diversity of the school community. 

In 2022, school data at every level has improved dramatically, building new confidence and community between staff, students, and parents.

Wangaratta West Primary School

Working together over several years to develop into a high-performing school improvement team, the leadership team at Wangaratta West Primary School has led an inclusive process of deep renewal at the school. 

Working collaboratively with staff and their professional learning community, the team co-created new learning materials, practices, and processes. The team’s implementation of a Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Support framework has significantly improved the wellbeing of staff and students and is ensuring a calm and inclusive learning environment. 

To strengthen the school’s culturally inclusive practices, leadership recruited a Wellbeing team and established the student Mundgee Group as a platform to promote and celebrate Koorie culture as a school. 

The leadership team have a shared commitment to realising the school’s vision of ‘developing learners for life who care for themselves, others and their environment’. 

Data shows clear evidence of significant improvement in attitudes and student outcomes at the school.