The aim of this guidance is to help departments and agencies across all sectors (including health, water, education and local government) improve their IT asset management. In addition to ensuring that the cybersecurity issues are addressed, a standard way of approaching IT asset management across the Victorian Government makes the following easier:

  • Choosing and implementing an IT asset management approach in a department/agency
  • Performing Machinery of Government changes
  • Providing pre-configured (including multi-tenant) ITAM technology solutions
  • Establishing value-for-money WoVG Deeds of Standing Offer
  • Facilitating the movement of IT asset management and IT operations staff within and across departments and agencies
  • Sharing asset management people, process and training resources
  • Achieving consolidated and streamlined reporting across government
  • Performing maturity assessments and benchmarking across government
  • Identifying comparative risks across government

To improve IT asset management in an organisation, four areas need to be addressed: People, Process, Data and Technology.

A circle cut into four quadrants. Top left quadrant labelled People. Top right quadrant labelled Process. Bottom right quadrant labelled Technology. Bottom left quadrant labelled Data. The bottom left of the image has a label called KPIs. The bottom right of the image has a label called Reporting.