Our commitment to inclusion

Our priorities in achieving inclusion.

Immediate priorities

In addition to embedding inclusion principles in existing work, the Victorian Skills Authority (VSA) has identified immediate priority areas of focus.

Aboriginal Victorians

The VSA Self-determination Working Group is leading our commitment to Aboriginal self-determination. The working group will seek to partner with Victorian Aboriginal groups to develop a set of guiding principles and actions for the VSA which facilitate and increase opportunities for Aboriginal self-determination within the Victorian skills system.

Inclusiveness of a combined system

The VSA aspires for an integrated skilling system that meets the student at their point of need and provides opportunities for lifelong learning and career progression, including delivery of foundational skills (literacy, numeracy and digital literacy). We will continue to drive better connections and pathways for students to navigate and realise the opportunities the skills system can offer.

Student voice

The VSA ‘student at the centre’ perspective strives for vocational education and training (VET) that is engaging and rewarding, that supports students to commence and complete VET training, and that ensures students leave training armed with the skills to enter the workforce and make a meaningful contribution.

Future priorities

There will always be work to do to improve inclusion and inclusive practice in skilling. The VSA culture is one of continuous improvement and these immediate priorities are just the starting point. As new insights come into view the VSA will respond through an inclusive lens.