What Single Digital Presence offers

Single Digital Presence (SDP) is an open, flexible technical solution that government agencies can use to reduce the cost and effort of digital development.

SDP is about making it easier for citizens to find, understand and use Victorian Government information.

SDP  is a project of the Digital Design and Innovation branch at the Department of Premier and Cabinet. 

What SDP offers

Reduced compliance and overhead activities 

  • accessibility 
  • syndication 
  • security 
  • compliance with Victorian Government Digital Standards

Speed to market 

  • Reduced time to create a new website 
  • Procurement of digital agency partners 
  • Systems training and community practice 

Ability to reinvest in strategic opportunities 

  • Innovation and incubation  
  • UX research 
  • Editorial and content capability 
  • Continuous improvement 

Put the user first 

  • Joined up journeys 
  • Consistent look and feel 
  • Ease of finding and consuming information 
  • VPS is a user

The SDP approach 

Open source 

Code is released back to the community, free of charge for others to use 

API first 

Create content once, use in multiple ways 

Containerised hosting 

SDP is one of the first enterprise global adopters of containerisation model 

Atomic pattern library 

Easily adaptable design components that allow customisation of look and feel. 

Go to for full list of atoms, molecules, organisms and templates. 

Page templates available on SDP

Page template Description Examples

Offers all available components to build a page. 

Currently used to build homepages, landing pages, and the bulk of content pages. 

Site section landing page.
News   Display details of a news post. 

News listing page

Grants Display details of a grant. 

Grants landing page

Grants details page

Event  Display details of an event.

Events landing page

Profile  Display details of a profile (i.e. honour roll) 

Profile page

How SDP is built and connects together

SDP offers three product layers that can be used independently, or as a package:

  • Ripple is the presentation layer, this is what people see as your website.
  • Tide is the content management layer, built on Drupal 8.
  • Bay is the infrastructure and hosting layer.

SDP is managing its public code repository on GitHub.

About SDP products


Ripple offers a consistent design system, making it easier for citizens to find, understand and use Victorian Government information. It:


  • a presentation layer written in the Vue.js front end framework 
  • includes a user interface pattern library of reusable components, e.g. forms, buttons, font style 


  • flexible 
  • increased performance, better than standard  
  • Drupal theme 
  • backed by user experience testing 
  • useable, responsive and accessible for users 
  • consistent site design across government  
  • makes it easier to find, understand and use Victorian Government information 


The Ripple Pattern Library shows how to use the design components for SDP.

Visit the Ripple Pattern Library storybook

Visit the Ripple repository on GitHub


Tide is an API first, headless content management system using Drupal 8. Custom built to meet Victorian Government requirements, it offers:

  • multi-site content distribution
  • pick and mix features
  • centralised feature governance


  • Range of standard and custom features 
  • Automated regression testing 
  • Flexible code architecture 
  • Built for the user 
  • API first, headless approach 
  • Inbuilt WCAG 2.0 AA compliance tools 


  • Flexible, extended choice of functionality 
  • Secure 
  • Stay secure beyond standard features 
  • Enhanced admin user experience 
  • Write content once, use in many places 
  • Accessible 

Tide distribution on


Bay is a fully managed platform and hosting environment that provides an open Platform as a Service model. It:

  • is an open-source hosting platform based on Lagoon.
  • allows agencies to build, test and deliver websites via the cloud.


  • Hosting and CI/CD platform in code  
  • Can be hosted on a number of Internet as a Service (IaaS) providers including AWS and Google Cloud 
  • Auto scaling and auto healing 
  • Automated testing tools 
  • Automatic updates 


  • Flexible 
  • Secure 
  • Continuous improvement 
  • Performant hosting 
  • Faster web experience for users 
  • Cost effective at scale 

Visit the Bay repository on GitHub.

SDP options

You can use 

The online entry point to the Victorian Government,, attracts more than 400,000 users per month. It provides an existing platform and established audience for your digital content, with no cost to add content. 

Why use 

Audience can find your information  

  • Access to an established audience 
  • Speed to market 
  • Search engine optimisation 

No change to content ownership  

Content owners are responsible for: 

  • Updating content 
  • Following the content standards  
  • Responding to enquiries 

Content governance model ensures standards are met prior to publishing.

Easy to maintain content standards and governance  

  • Training support and best practice advice  
  • A quality assurance check to ensure your content is optimised 
  • Access to analytics and benchmarking content 

Best practice design 

  • Common design pattern that makes it easier for users to navigate, rather than learning a new layout 
  • Design components that are backed by extensive user experience research 
  • Responsive design so your users can easily access information on a phone 

Options on 

  • A flexible campaign template to deliver the digital elements of your campaigns  
  • Departmental initiatives can be delivered within existing sections  
  • Corporate content that relates to your Department as an entity could be delivered – DPC corporate content is now delivered in this way.  


The vanilla offering includes all the SDP products, (Bay, Tide and Ripple).

A digital agency is required to build the presentation layer.  

The agency can change the interface style (including logo and colours) but cannot change its function. This means they can change the CSS but not the JavaScript. 

The government agency owns and manages its own content. 


  • is hosted on SDP infrastructure (Bay) 
  • uses the SDP Drupal 8 distribution (Tide) 
  • uses the SDP pattern library (Ripple) 

SDP continually improves, maintains and supports the vanilla offering.  


The custom offering uses the SDP infrastructure (Bay) and distribution (Tide) as the basis for the  

development of the website. The use of Ripple is optional. 

A digital agency is required to build the presentation layer and any custom features in Drupal.  

The government agency owns and manages their own content. 


  • is hosted on SDP infrastructure (Bay) 
  • uses the SDP Drupal 8 distribution (Tide) as a base 
  • uses the SDP pattern library (Ripple) as a base (optional) 

SDP will make updates available, although the government agency is responsible for improving, maintaining and supporting their own website. 

SDP - what's not included

SDP is focused on delivering information to Victorian citizens. Features and functions that sit outside of this include: 

  • registrations and payments 
  • intranets 
  • back- end business functions 
  • integration with other business platforms 
  • data classification above Public Unclassified. 

Our roadmap

The SDP product roadmap provides an outline of what we're planning to deliver and when. 

Check out our project roadmap

Who is on SDP?

Reviewed 15 May 2019

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Amber Benjafield, Senior Project Manager, Single Digital Presence Digital Design and Innovation, Department of Premier and Cabinet

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