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Workforce Training Innovation Fund

A targeted, Skills First funding stream.

$50,000 - $5,000,000
Not-for-profit groups, businesses, individuals


The Workforce Training Innovation Fund (WTIF) is a targeted, Skills First funding stream. WTIF creates opportunities for the joint exploration of new ideas and solutions to enhance workplace productivity and employment growth in priority industries identified by the Victorian Government, in collaboration with industry partners and Skills First training providers.

The Victorian Government recognises that there are labour market shortages and industry skills demand that require innovative and collaborative thinking and approaches to challenge existing practices in skills development, training methods and product design.

WTIF supports training providers, industry, employers, peak bodies and industry associations to collaboratively identify and address the complex barriers to responsive training through the development of innovative solutions.

Innovation in WTIF is defined as change that adds value, transforming the lives of Victorians via fit-for-purpose developed and delivered skills training models, which drive economic growth. Eligible innovation projects include (for example):

  • introducing new or diverse concepts, models, services, and products
  • disrupting, challenging, and advancing existing practices for our future workforces.

While innovation as a concept can be broadly defined, the Victorian Government is seeking to fund projects that specifically solve complex and cross-sectoral issues facing the Victorian economy.

Innovative projects will enable an appropriate, relevant and timely response to employment needs and find new and improved ways to get learners skilled and employed in high-priority occupations and industries that drive economic growth in Victoria.

The objectives of WTIF are to:

  • Improve the efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness of the training and TAFE system in meeting industry skill needs and business training requirements in the areas of the Victorian Government’s economic growth priorities.
  • Encourage partnerships between industry bodies, organisations, TAFE and training organisations to collaboratively address complex or cross-sectoral issues facing the skills sector that require innovative thinking and modes of delivery.
  • Build new insights and evidence to support the design, adoption, and implementation of sustainable innovation that addresses priority challenges across Victoria’s training and TAFE system.
  • Identify new approaches to skills development to improve the capability and adaptability of participants/students.

Please note in the current WTIF Round, industry-led applications will not be accepted as Stream 2 is not open. Instead, industry can apply as a partner to a training provider with a Skills First contract under Stream 1A or 1B.

Please refer to who can apply to identify eligibility industry’s role in a potential project, or scroll down to view EligibilityExternal Link or further information about the application process below.

Information session

Workforce Training Innovation Fund Presentation (PPTX)External Link


  • Every WTIF project must have a lead and a partner.

    The lead is the authorised signatory to the common funding agreement.

    Please refer to the ‘Who can apply’ documentExternal Link to identify eligibility of either role in a potential project.

    Applications will be considered from a range of organisations:

    • Victorian training providers that hold a current Skills First VET Funding Contract. This includes TAFE (including dual-sector universities), Learn Locals and private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)
    • industry
    • employers
    • unions
    • peak bodies
    • industry associations.

    Funding up to $5 million across categories is available for collaboration between industry and training providers to deliver innovation in training, workforce development. Funding can be used for:

    1. New training, products and methods
      Innovation in course development, product design and training delivery, supporting training and TAFE system improvements that drive social, economic and global success.
    2. Workforce training and skills development
      Improving accessibility, relevance and delivery of workplace skills to support business productivity and learner employability.

    Project activities that will not be considered for grant funding under the WTIF program include:

    • ongoing funding
    • ongoing training delivery
    • ongoing service provision and licensing arrangements
    • duplication of funding received via other grant programs
    • ‘business as usual’ professional development of an organisation’s/association’s staff and/or members
    • projects that do not lead to employment or workforce upskilling or cross skilling
    • travel and accommodation costs
    • capital works.

    If the project proposal includes components that are eligible for funding under other Victorian Government grant programs, the application can still be considered for WTIF. Alternative complementary funding you have applied for or received must be outlined in the grant application at the relevant section.

  • WTIF applications need alignment with the state government's economic growth priorities.

    Download the current list of Victorian Government priorities.

  • There are 2 WTIF application streams:

    1. Direct applications (Stream 1a and Stream 1b)
    2. Participatory design applications (Stream2)

    Stream 1: Direct applications stream

    There are 2 different types of Stream 1 applications that can be lodged under this stream.

    1A – TAFE only

    Stream 1A applications are only available to TAFE providers. All TAFE applicants will have access to guidance and resources to develop applications in line with Government priorities.

    1B – Skills First training providers

    Stream 1B applications are available to any Skills First training provider.

    All applications, (Streams 1A and 1B) must include industry participation as a core feature of the proposal.

    Stream 2: Participatory Design Stream

    Please note: Stream 2 WTIF applications will not be accepted for this round 31 March to 19 May 2023. Any parties interested in applying for WTIF funding through Stream 2 should contact the Victorian Skills Authority directly by emailing

  • The timeline for the current round is:

    WTIF RoundWTIF applications openWTIF pre-applications closeWTIF applications close
    Round 231 March 202326 April 202319 May 2023

    How to lodge a pre-application

    • There are 2 components to the application process. Pre-application and the application.
    • The first step is to submit a pre-application which can be accessed from 31 March 2023. Once the pre-application is lodged, a representative from the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions (DJSIR) will call or email the applicant to discuss the proposed project and provide guidance on next steps.
    • Pre-applications can be submitted from 31 March 2023 to 26 April 2023. Department support of an assessed pre-application form will trigger an automated email to applicants to complete an online application form.

    Please note: Access to an online application form is only possible via an assessed and endorsed pre-application form.

    For noting: To lodge a pre-application or an application you must be registered with the Department’s Grants Management Unit.

    To apply for a grant and access to a pre-application form, you will need to register on the Open Forms ( Link .

    Steps for new registrations:

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the page of the above link.
    2. Select ‘Contact us’
    3. Enter details and in the message, indicate what grant stream you wish to apply for.
    4. Note that up to five business days is required for the internal processing to supply you with your login details.

    Step for previously/current registered stakeholders:

    1. Navigate to the available grant name and select ‘apply’.

  • Applications will be assessed by DJSIR against the eligibility and assessment criteria noting applications should address the priorities identified by the Victorian Government.

    The following 3 assessment criteria are weighted as follows:

    • Criterion 1: Strength of innovation (40%)
    • Criterion 2: Alignment to state government economic growth priorities (40%)
    • Criterion 3: Outcomes (20%)

    All applications will also be required to provide and demonstrate:

    • capability and capacity to deliver the project
    • sound project governance and risk management
    • a budget that clearly outlines and provides justification of proposed expenditure and value for money, using the supplied budget template
    • an evaluation plan using the supplied evaluation plan template
    • details on how the proposal will be sustained post-funding
    • a plan outlining how best practice and learnings will be shared across the training sector.

  • Funded projects are expected to be completed within 24 months of a grant being awarded.

Reviewed 24 August 2023