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Partnership agreements between Victorian Government and Victorian universities

A new partnership model between the Victorian Government and ten universities.

A new partnership model between the Victorian Government and ten universities

As part of the Victorian Universities Support package announced on 19 May 2020, the Victorian Government is establishing a new partnership model with Victorian universities. The Department of Education and Training (DET) has worked with the 10 Victorian universities that are established under State legislation to develop individual partnership agreements that reflect the new partnership model between the Victorian Government and each Victorian university.

They are intended to frame the relationship between the Government of Victoria and Victorian universities

The partnership agreements:

  • reflect an ongoing partnership approach to working together
  • set out agreed areas of common interest and mutual benefit, to deliver positive economic and social impacts to the State
  • influence decisions that universities and the Victorian Government take jointly and individually
  • have a broad scope and timeframe, with review planned every 2-3 years.

These agreements focus on a limited number of high priority objectives that are of shared interest and mutual benefit for the Victorian Government and Victorian universities. For example, one of the shared objectives is “a vibrant and diverse university sector with world-leading education, research and engagement outcomes”.

It is important to note that the Commonwealth Government retains primary responsibility for funding and policy for higher education and universities. The partnership agreements mainly focus on objectives that are common across all Victorian universities, but also include one section (section 4) that calls out priorities for collaboration with the specific university.

The partnership agreement for each Victorian university, including correspondence from the Minister for Higher Education to Vice-Chancellors, are linked to individual university names below.

The ten universities involved are:

The signing of these partnership agreements represents a significant milestone and reflects the Victorian Government's commitment to a strategic partnership with each Victorian university.

If you have questions about the partnership agreements, please contact

Reviewed 01 September 2022


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