Budget and reporting

The Conservation Regulator’s budget covers its operational and strategic activities. We also report against key performance indicators which relate to our core regulatory accountabilities.

Budget details

Detailed financial reporting is included in the DELWP Annual Report 2021-22.

In summary, the Conservation Regulator had an annual budget of $24.255m for 2021-22 of which:

  • $7.96m in operational expenses
  • $16.29m in staffing costs
  • $0.16 expended on capital expenses for patrol vehicle enhancements, trailer purchase and field monitoring equipment for patrolling.

The Conservation Regulator High Risk Industries received a second milestone payment in 2021-22 of $3.6m of which:

  • $3.0m was for staffing and training
  • $0.62m was for operational expenses.

Performance reporting

The Conservation Regulator reports against four mandatory performance measures from Budget Paper 3. The outcomes of each are summarised in Table 4.

Table 4 Budget Paper 3 measures

Budget paper 3 measure


Investigations of alleged non-compliance with the Code of Practice for Timber Production, undertaken in accordance with the Environment Compliance Policy and associated procedure


Wildlife Licence renewals processed by target dates


Pre-harvest surveys of areas planned for timber harvesting completed


Strategic compliance operations implemented by the Conservation Regulator