Our people and governance

The Conservation Regulator has over 130 staff spread across the six DELWP regions of the state. Our staff perform both operational and strategic roles, working together to provide vital services to our community.

The Conservation Regulator is led by the Chief Conservation Regulator and is comprised of four business units

Regulatory Strategy and Permissions Branch

Delivering regulatory policy, strategy, operational procedures, capability development, permissions reform, and statewide wildlife permissions delivery.

Regulatory Operations Branch

Planning and delivering statewide operational programs, including support for and monitoring of compliance and enforcement of the law.

Strategic Operations Branch

Responsible for regulating timber harvesting compliance and proactive monitoring and surveying of coupes.

Office of the Chief

Delivers strategic coordination, media, engagement, communications and business management functions.

Continuing support for our community in the response to COVID-19

In 2020–21, all parts of the Victorian Government had to modify their activities to manage the extraordinary challenges of COVID-19.

The Conservation Regulator adapted too, and our expertise in operations, investigations and surveillance were drawn upon by the government.

As the response to COVID-19 continued into 2021-22, our participation in a multi-agency high risk industries operation continued. We aided in the promotion and enforcement of compliance with Victoria’s COVID-19 requirements for businesses and industries across our state.

The program included monitoring industry compliance against the Chief Health Officer’s COVID-19 directions and providing information and intelligence back to support future compliance and enforcement operations.

Whilst this program is now complete as of 30 June 2022, this contribution allowed the Conservation Regulator to play our part and support our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our organisational structure

  • Our organisational structure

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Advisory groups

Independent Regulation Advisory Panel

The Conservation Regulator’s Independent Regulation Advisory Panel (IRAP) provides the Chief Conservation Regulator with independent expert advice on best practice approaches to regulating.

The panel is comprised of three members who are experts in the field of environmental regulation.

In 2021-22, IRAP met four times and have:

  • Provided advice on best practice regulation
  • Provided advice on the Conservation Regulator’s settings for regulatory policy and governance, and operational oversight
  • Reviewed matters referred to them by the Chief Conservation Regulator.

Stakeholder Reference Group

The Conservation Regulator’s Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) provides advice and support to the Conservation Regulator in being an effective, trusted, best practice regulator for the Victorian community and environment.

During 2021-22, the SRG met as a group four times, and each member engaged with the Regulator on matters of interest throughout the year.

The SRG includes representatives from environmental non-government organisations, industry, local government and community organisations, and provides advice on:

  • Supporting a robust understanding of the reasons that lead to breaches of regulations and how the Regulator can address them
  • Supporting the design and delivery of an effective mix of awareness raising as well as regulatory compliance and enforcement interventions in accordance with current legislation
  • Providing feedback on our communication and engagement approach, and opportunities for partnerships and collaboration
  • Prioritising effort across a diverse range of regulatory obligations
  • Providing feedback on the effectiveness of the regulator and opportunities for improvement