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How we’re working to achieve equality for LGBTIQ+ Victorians

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ+) Victorians have a right to equality, fairness and full inclusion.

Group of stylised people representing the diversity of the LGBTIQ+ community
Group of stylised people representing the diversity of the LGBTIQ+ community

Pride in our future: Victoria's LGBTIQ+ strategy 2022-32

Every Victorian – without exception – deserves to be safe, supported and equal.

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That is why the Victorian Government is working to address challenges LGBTIQ+ communities face through its Equality portfolio. The portfolio was the first of its kind in Australia when established in 2015.

Unfortunately, LGBTIQ+ Victorians still face stigma and discrimination. This contributes to these communities being more likely to experience poor mental health, suicidal thoughts and attempts, harassment and abuse, homelessness, difficulties with alcohol and drug use and intimate partner and family violence than the broader community.

The Victorian Government won’t rest until equality is achieved for LGBTIQ+ people.

Who is leading the charge?

The Equality portfolio has a Minister for Equality, Martin Foley MPExternal Link , and a Commissioner for LGBTIQ+ Communities, Todd Fernando. It is supported by a Ministerial Taskforce and an Equality Unit within the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.

The Commissioner and Taskforce help us hear the rich voices of diverse LGBTIQ+ communities across the state, so we can work in partnership towards achieving equality for all.

What are we doing?

We are committed to:

  • removing discrimination from Victorian laws, services and society more broadly
  • promoting inclusion and celebrating diversity, by developing whole-of-government policies and programs to support LGBTIQ+ communities

We are acting on these commitments by:

  • reviewing and reforming legislationExternal Link to remove discrimination and enable equality
  • supporting review and reform of government programs and services to ensure LGBTIQ+ inclusion, including in the health, education and justice systems
  • strengthening and supporting the LGBTIQ+ sector, including community leaders, peer support opportunities and service organisations
  • assisting and building networks of LGBTIQ+ people and organisations, including throughout rural and regional Victoria
  • supporting and embedding LGBTIQ+ inclusive and welcoming practice across public sector workplacesExternal Link
  • challenging discrimination, including by funding initiatives to increase visibility, celebrate inclusion and advocate respect for all developing the first whole of Victorian Government LGBTIQ+ strategy, to drive progress towards equality across Government over the coming decade

Reviewed 07 February 2022

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