LGBTIQ+ Taskforce third term achievements

The third term of the Victorian Government’s LGBTIQ+ Taskforce was appointed from 2020 to 2021 with the following community members:

  • Jayde de Bondt (co-chair)
  • Janet Jukes
  • Adam Bourne
  • Margherita Coppolino
  • Aram Hosie
  • Abanob Saad
  • Jamie Gardiner
  • Dean Sutton
  • Alison Toby
  • Tony Briffa

Key government reforms and initiatives

The third term of the LGBTIQ+ Taskforce played a significant role in supporting and informing key government reforms and initiatives, including:

  • developing Victoria’s first LGBTIQ+ strategy
  • banning LGBTQ+ change and suppression practices with the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021
  • opening the Victorian Pride Centre, Australia’s first purpose-built LGBTIQ+ community hub
  • releasing the Victorian Population Health Survey’s LGBTIQ+ report
  • amending the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 to protect LGBTIQ+ Victorians working within religious organisations and schools
  • responding to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System final report
  • establishing of the LGBTIQ+ Disability Sub-Group.

The Taskforce also advised government on:

  • coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic response for LGBTIQ+ communities
  • engagement with LGBTIQ+ communities
  • LGBTIQ+ justice and policing responses
  • health of people with intersex variations
  • rural and regional LGBTIQ+ inclusion.