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A guide for local governments to become more LGBTIQ+ inclusive, and deliver on their commitment to drive LGBTIQ+ inclusion through Victoria’s whole-of-government LGBTIQ+ strategy.


Three practical tools support users of the Rainbow Ready roadmap in assessing their progress towards LGBTIQ+ inclusion, planning inclusive activities and demonstrating Rainbow Ready status.

Assessment and evaluation tool

A tool to assess where your setting is at with LGBTIQ+ inclusion, and to identify areas for improvement. This tool is also used at the end of a Rainbow Ready project, to measure progress, highlight achievements and areas for further improvement.

Action plan tool

A template for planning your Rainbow Ready Roadmap project, and to identify actions, people involved, and desired outcomes.

Rainbow Ready status checklist

A checklist to demonstrate Rainbow Ready status at the end of completing Rainbow Ready roadmap projects and meeting all applicable indicators under your setting guide.

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Reviewed 17 May 2022

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