People of Pride

Celebrate some of the experiences, insights and skills that make up Victoria’s diverse LGBTIQA+ community via our #PeopleofPride story series.

Around 5.7 per cent of Victorian adults identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer or asexual (LGBTIQA+). It’s a diverse community made up of a people from a range of backgrounds, who each make their own unique contribution to life in Victoria, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Our #PeopleofPride story series is an opportunity to understand and celebrate some of the perspectives and experiences of people within Victoria’s LGBTIQA+ community, and how vastly different they can be.

We encourage you to celebrate the LGBTIQA+ people in your life and think about the ways that we can each break the biases that contribute to stereotypes, discrimination and inequality in Victoria.

Elvis Martin

him, his

Elvis Martin standing in front of an office window

Russell Wright

him, his

Russell Wright in Country Fire Authority emergency gear leaning against a red CFA truck

Bridget Grant

she, hers

Bridget Grant standing on a path in bushland wearing a Parks Victoria Ranger uniform

Ruby Mountford

they, them

Ruby Mountford sitting at a table in front of a bookcase

Frankie Mazzone

she, her

Frankie Mazzone sitting in a chair in front of a video camera
Rainbow colours symbolising the LGBTIQA+ community