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About the place-based approach resources

Our place-based guide for the VPS

Place-based approaches are powerful tools that can help unlock the potential of Victorian communities. Want to learn more about place-based approaches or improve how you work as part of a place-based initiative? The Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) has created a best practice guide specifically for the VPS. 

Who are these resources for?

We created these resources primarily for Victorian Public Service employees. But they are also useful for those who want to partner with government, such as initiatives in the community. If you want to learn about place-based approaches and how government can support them, then these resources are for you.

Why were they created?

In 2019, the Victorian Government set up a new Place-based Agenda. The goal of the Agenda was to help the Victorian Public Service be a more effective partner to place-based initiatives. In this way, they would be able to support local solutions that better target long-term, complex challenges in communities. To do this, we created these new resources to fill a gap in guidance and evidence for the Victorian context.

How were they created?

We developed these resources in consultation with a broad group of stakeholders. These include the Victorian Government, local and Commonwealth governments, place-based initiatives, researchers and community groups. We held workshops, forums, and site visits to understand where we should focus this work and what resources would be most useful.